Domain Accounts FAQ

TechMayer Domain Account Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain account?
These are centrally managed accounts that look like <DOMAIN>\<Username> or username@domain.suffix
What is a Domain Name? Username? Suffix?
  • The Username is an individual account
    • i.e. Andrew (some companies use first initial last name or vice versa)
  • Domain literally means “An area you have control over”, and is usually the whole organization
    • i.e. TechMayer
  • The suffix is always after the domain, and can be either an official online domain (like .com, .net) or an unofficial offline domain (like .local, .lan)
    • i.e. .com
  • All of this creates a Fully Qualified Username (
Why are there two ways to type my account (domainuser and user@domain.suffix)
The Domain\Username is an older style of login, and is typically only used with legacy or command line applications
I want to change my password, how do I do that?
  • From any domain-joined PC, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and choose ‘Change a Password’
  • Make sure it says your domain name at the bottom. If you see ‘Create a password reset disk’ you aren’t on a domain joined PC
I forgot my password, what do I do?
Contact your Domain Admin (if you have one on site) or contact TechMayer support for a reset