We provide affordable technology solutions to clients in the Western Detroit metro area


TechMayer provides business information technology (IT) services customized for your business and provides quick resolution of your technology issues. TechMayer combines 30 years of enterprise IT experience with 5 years of small business IT experience.

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Business Solutions

TechMayer Business IT Services provides computer system installation, maintenance, and backup to keep your business running efficiently. Contact TechMayer to provide proactive services customized for your business and for quick resolution of your technology issues.

Remote Support

TechMayer can provide remote support for your server and computers to reduce the business impact of technology issues through quick response.

IT Services

TechMayer can help your business optimize software solution investments.  We can install purchased software, configure local or cloud hosted software to best meet your requirements, or provide custom solutions.

Our Process

Step 1: Get in Touch

Our process begins once you’re ready to get in touch with us by phone at (313) 389-6384, email at info@techmayer.com, or using our contact form page.

Step 3: Provide Project Estimates

Once we have defined the service request, our next next step is to provide our hourly rate and expected number of hours that the project would take to complete.

Step 2: Determine Project Needs

After we follow up with you by phone, we’ll come for an onsite consultation as required to define the service request.

Step 4: Get To Work

After we work out our agreement, we’ll get to work servicing your technology needs. We will keep you updated and send you an invoice when the work is completed.

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